David Adamson Group - CDM Co-ordination

The David Adamson Group delivers leading edge Health, Safety and Design Risk Management services to clients’ construction projects throughout the world. Pragmatic, cost effective solutions mitigate client risk and liability and support programme and quality requirements. The David Adamson Group has developed significant experience across a variety of project types. Our service meets all statutory obligations and provides reassurance to our clients that their Health, Safety and Design Risk Management documentation is exemplary, adding value to clients’ core business activities.

Recognising the impact of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations Act 1994 in the UK, the David Adamson Group established its Planning Supervision division early in 1995.

In 2007, revised CDM Regulations introduced the role of CDM Co-ordinator. We have embraced this legislation with enthusiasm, briefing clients on their new role and responsibilities, providing support and integrating Health and Safety into the management of projects.

In parallel with UK developments, the David Adamson Group has applied Health and Safety expertise to projects worldwide, mitigating risk and liability for clients in all sectors of construction activity.

Within the UK, the Health and Safety Executive is consulting on further revised CDM Regulations. The new regulations would see the Principal Designer come to the fore, being responsible for Design Risk Management.

Again, the David Adamson Group is at the forefront of this new legislation; all executive staff within our CDM division are accredited Design Risk Managers and appear on the Designer Register of the Association for Project Safety. We are ready for appointment as Principal Designer.

As a multi discipline practice, the David Adamson Group brings a breadth of in house expertise which provides "cross fertilisation" of best practice and ready consultation with fellow professionals.

All executive staff within the David Adamson Group's CDM division are also cost consultants and their review of design as CDM Co-ordinator is informed by their knowledge of construction costs. When proposing elimination of hazards from construction proposals, we often bring cost benefits to the client.

Designs which are safe to maintain, tend to be easy to maintain which reduces building operating costs.

Typical operating and owning costs of a building are in the ratio:

  • 1 for construction costs
  • 5 for maintenance and building operating costs
  • 200 for business operating costs

Spending wisely in construction pays dividends in maintenance and operating costs. Through keeping this hierarchy to the fore, the David Adamson Group delivers added value.

The David Adamson Group is a corporate member of the Association for Project Safety and is one of the first practices to be registered on the Association for Project Safety Practice Register.